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All the Things, October 11, 2023

Hello Friends! I have been admittedly terrible about sending out newsletters, so I thought I would try to amend that right now. For us faculty folk, the Fall is such an incredibly busy time and we all struggle to do our full time jobs and still have time for our own artwork and research. For me, it has been very much that, along with art festivals, holistic expos, and the various things I participate in trying to sell my work and get my name out there. It’s a wee bit ironic to me that during the time when all the leaves are dying and falling from the trees, there are so many projects and paths that are beginning anew.

As some of you know, I moved into a new studio space in June. It was such an enormous move for me and took the entire month of June to complete. I had lots of help from friends and my hubby as well. I loved being with the Upstairs Artists’ Studios on Bridge Street in Phoenixville, but being on the third floor was proving to be increasingly more challenging as I traveled back and forth from exhibitions. I was sad to depart – but happy to remain part of that artist’s network as I moved into Coleman’s Artists’ Studios also in Phoenixville, and all on one floor (and they have a ramp).

I celebrated my sixtieth birthday at the new studio…. And it was horrifyingly hot! Thank goodness for the kindness of my friend Debbie, I now have a portable air conditioner.

Growing older is definitely an interesting journey, to say the very least. I can remember the days when I always seemed to be the youngest person in the room, and now I very often seem to be the oldest. I don’t mind the passage of years so much – I do feel that I at least have perspective now, if not wisdom – but I do mind all the usual complaints that come with age – aches and pains, poor(er) eyesight, having to be careful with my old bones. Autumn does seem to be the right time of year to contemplate the aging process. Like it or not, the time I have behind me is longer than the time I have before me. I want to make the most of it.

I was very happy to be able to host an Open Studio on October 1, for the Phoenixville Artwalk, along with my fellow artists at Coleman’s Studios: Maryanne Buschini, Zachary Smith, Maggie Hobson Baker, and . It was a gorgeously beautiful (and badly needed) sunny day, and we had a lovely turnout. I am enjoying being in this new space and meeting lots of new faces.

Studio 323 is hosting a group exhibition for the month of October called “In This Town We Call Home.” I am super excited to announce that my painting Nothin Says Lovin Like Something from the Coven” was juried into the show. I am going to be doing many things with Studio 323 in the coming months – please read on!

On October 15, my group, Solace of the Kindred Spirits will be hosting a fun class on making Witches’ Bells and Brooms. This will be taking place at 2 PM that day, at my very own studio at 142 Quick Street in Phoenixville. We are limiting the class to 12 attendees, so pre-registration is key. You can sign up for the class here.

Finally for the last day of this month, I will be offering a Samhain ritual at my Art Studio at Coleman’s Artists’ Studios on October 31 at 7:00 PM. Please join us and help us to create an Ancestors’ Altar and welcome our ancestors to join us.

It may seem like a very long time between Samhain and Yule (the Winter Solstice), however I for one will be glad for some time off during the holiday season. With any luck at all, I will actually get this out to you all before Samahin!

I have now been trying to write this newsletter for nearly an entire week, so I am going to finish here and send it! I definitely promise to be much more regular about this!

Happy Autumn!

Blessed Be,

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