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Back After Too Long away!

So much has happened since my last posting here I hardly know where to begin. My life has been full of change in the past year, but I do believe things are settling down now. (Although I should probably say that in a whisper so that I don't aggravate the Fates. Enough of that please).

In my last entry, I had just moved my studio to Downingtown. That arrangement did not work well for me, so back in February I picked up everything and moved it AGAIN, this time to Bridge Street in Phoenixville. This location is better for me in a variety of ways, not the least of which I am surrounded by fellow artists here and have a community of support, which is lovely. I have much more space as well, and am able to teach classes more easily.

I was still working for Cheyney University as of that last entry as well.... and now I am at Kutztown University in a full-time position. It is very sad that sometimes institutions decide that they do not need the arts as part of their curriculum, which is essentially what happened at Cheyney. I know that they have had many woes, and I hope that they are able to come out of adversity at last. Having said that.....

I am so happy to be at Kutztown. The arts are truly appreciated here, with over 700 art majors in Studio Arts, Graphic Design, Art History, Art Education, and Animation Arts programs. I haven't had much opportunity to leave the art building as yet, but so far the students and faculty have been very welcome, and I have felt very much at home.

I have a number of things I am working on, and now I am heading into my Winter break, so you will be hearing more from me again. I love forward to sharing my stories, the good, the bad, and the learning experiences. More soon.

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