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So many times in the past few years, I’ve avoided wandering into political waters on Facebook, and on other forms of social media, and the internet in general. I have so many wonderful friends, many of whom have very different beliefs and ideas than I do. I am fearful that our government is beginning to reflect horrific human rights policies, and I think it is time more people like me spoke up. So here it is - I may say some uncomfortable things, I may state some facts that people don’t like. If you disagree with me, at least consider that there is another point of view here worth considering. Hannah Arendt said, “Under conditions of tyranny it is far easier to act than to think.” I believe civil conversations need to be had about current events, because right now - we all need to be thinking. Perhaps we may not change one another’s minds with our conversations, but please - let us at least have them. Our future depends on it.

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