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Happy Belated Imbolg! And here's my latest class schedule.

We are now over a month in to 2024, and I can feel the mood in the air changing. I can’t say for sure if it’s the New Year, or that Pluto is in Aquarius for the first time since 1778 (you don’t have to remember a lot of history to know that was a big time of change in the United States) but I feel like there are big things afoot in our collective zeitgeist. As usual, it has taken me over a week to write and complete this newsletter, so I beg your patience please.


One thing that remains constant for me in the midst of change are the shifts of the academic year. From semester to break to semester to break again, this has been the rhythm of my life since 1997. From staff member to student to faculty, these patterns have shaped my life one way or another. This Spring semester at Kutztown University has turned out to be wonderful so far, but as we’re only two weeks in, check in with me at midterms!


One thing I definitely feel with the ebb and flow of the academic year is the ebb and flow of my artistic practice. I have two significant breaks each year: one for the Winter semester which is generally five weeks long and one for Summer, which is three months long. Regardless of their length, these breaks are never long enough. It seems I perpetually feel as though my own art practice takes a back seat to that of my students during the academic year. I do have some artistic goals that I want to bring into fruition and I plan to share the fruits of those with you all.


My former student and now forever friend and colleague Nashay Jones (and also now the Art Editor hereabouts) turned me onto some Gothic arch panels made by the art supply company Trekell. They are perfect for the kind of work I love to do, which is influenced by things like altarpieces and illuminated manuscripts. I love the aesthetic of art that has doors that can open and close and can be viewed from multiple sides.


Meanwhile, 2024 is indeed going to be another busy one. I will be teaching a Wicca 101 series beginning in February, with a Wicca 201 series to follow it, and a Wicca 301 to follow after that. I am working on integrating my personal belief system with the Wiccan systems I have followed for so many years. Just like the academic calendar, there are parts of those systems that remain constants for me. 


Class dates are subject to change based on weather, health conditions, family stuff, and anything else that might affect my ability to teach on a particular week. All Classes will be at my studio in Phoenixville at 142 Quick Street.


There are still two Tarot classes left to go in my Tarot series – see the schedule below for the titles. These are $25.00 each.


WICCA Classes:

Much like the Tarot classes, the Wicca 101 and Wicca 201 classes each build one upon the other. The required textbook is An Illuminated Guide to Wicca by me, which is $17. Wicca 101 and Wicca 201 will each culminate with a graduation class. If you have taken my Wicca 101 classes before, you are not required to take a prerequisite to Wicca 201 although you are certainly welcome to take any classes you have missed, or if you would like to be a teaching assistant!

Individual classes cost $25 and covers handouts and other items we will use in class. If you sign up for all of the Wicca 101 classes at one time, the cost will be $200 (you save $50!)

I can receive payment in the following ways:

Paypal: @helenabeana

Venmo: @Helena-Domenic

Cashapp: $HelenaDomenic

Or cash at the time of class,


All Sunday Classes will be held at 2 PM at Coleman Artist’s Studios, 142 Quick Street unless otherwise specified.


I would like to plan a “Let’s Make Art Together” Night for several nights coming up, but that will be in another newsletter.


There is so much more I would love to say, but I fear I will never get this out there if I don’t send it today so here it comes!





Sunday, February 11: Tarot V: The Major Arcana

Sunday, February 18: Tarot VI: Tarot Readings and Spread

Sunday, February 25: Wicca 101 Intro to Wicca: Brief History of Wicca



Sunday, March 3: Wicca 101 Basic Tenets and Beliefs

Sunday, March 10: Wicca 101: Esbats – the Full Moon

Sunday, March 17: Wicca 101: The Elements and Ritual Tools

Sunday, March 24: Spring Equinox Ritual

Thursday, March 28 – 31: Helena at Sacred Space Conference;

Sunday, March 31: Easter – no class



Sunday, April 7: Wicca 101 Wheel of the Year

Sunday, April 14: Wicca 101 Working with Deities

Sunday, April 21: Wicca 101: Healing Modalities and Ethics

April 26 – April 28: Helena at The Readers’ Studio (Tarot Conference):





Friday, May 3: Helena’s Art Opening at Studio 323

Sunday, May 12: Wicca 101 Warding and Protection

Sunday, May 19: Wicca 101 Divination and Ethics



Sunday, June 2: Wicca 101: Graduation


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