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Heading to Between the Worlds/Sacred Space

I realize this title may sound as though I am going on a very metaphysical journey, and in fact, I truly am. This weekend - April 6 - 9 - I am headed to the Between the Worlds/Sacred Space conference in Maryland. You can read about it here. This conference has been actually planned for a number of years, and I don't even mean to include the time it takes to plan a conference of this size. Thanks to Covid-19, this schedule has been re-scheduled a number of times - I am no longer even sure how many! I am just very happy that it is now happening, and that I will be able to see and reconnect with magical friends from far and wide.

Prior to the pandemic, one could generally count on Sacred Space taking place every year. Between the Worlds began its life as a separate conference sponsored by the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, which would take place only every few years, based on astrological transits. The last time Between the Worlds took place, it was scheduled alongside Sacred Space as the two conferences had great overlap in the number of people interested in both. It allowed for a great audience for both. The mission of the Sacred Space conference has always been to provide intermediate to advanced classes and rituals offered by local and regional teachers and fosters community in the Baltimore/Washington, DC I95 corridor. Its only financial goal is to make enough money to continue the conference each year. Between the Worlds, in addition to being planned astrologically, also offers plenary panels with a variety of individuals to discuss relevant magical topics, and functions as a fundraiser for the New Alexandrian Library.

Having said all of that, I am thrilled to be attending as a vendor for the first time, and will be offering a range of items, from my books (An Illuminated Guide to Wicca and The Fellowship of the Fool Tarot), as well as my new deck, The Illuminated Qabala Tarot, and my other Tarot deck, The Fellowship of the Fool. I will additionally have a variety of prints available, along with some other crafty goodies I've been working on. I'm including some images of works that are new and will be available as prints.

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I’m so excited for you! I miss going to those but camping just isn’t my thing. I hope you sell everything you take!

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