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Life during Quarantine

Even with everything shut down, so much is going on. My work at the university is all being carried on online, and I am working hard to keep up. Sometimes doing the online thing is harder. I am an extrovert, and I like to see people's faces and interact with them. Having to sit in front of a computer depresses me a little bit, I have to say. But I am managing.

I have moved my art studio to Downingtown, and have gone there nearly every day recently. I have a computer there so that I can keep up with my online classes, as well as check emails and so forth. I am working on several different art projects as well, and hoping that the art show I scheduled for myself for May will be able to happen. I may have to postpone that show if we are still required to continue social distancing, so time will tell.

I have also been working on illustrations for a friend who has a book coming out - and I can share more about that later. It's really her project, so I don't want to give anything away before she is ready.

I'm also playing with Paper Clay and teaching my African Art students how to make make masks on youtube! Here is my demo mask:

If you're curious about my YouTube videos, you can see them


I am making my Internet Literacy students all create online blogs, and with that, I promised them that I would update mine. So stay turned for more from me!

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