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Upcoming Tarot Classes!

Hello friends,


The holidays are coming swiftly upon us, and I wanted to be sure to let you all know that I will be starting up Tarot classes at my studio in January. I have tried to make sure I have sent this to all the people on my list that I think might be interested, and as always, if you want to stop receiving my emails, please let me know.



Class dates are subject to change based on weather, health conditions, family stuff, and anything else that might affect my ability to teach on a particular week.



The Tarot classes are sequential and each builds on the last. It is possible to take the classes individually, although if you have never studied tarot before, you may find it more helpful to sign up for the six week series. You will need to purchase your own deck. I recommend starting with a basic Rider Smith Waite deck as many modern decks take their imagery and symbolism from that deck.


You may also like to purchase my Tarot deck and book, which together are $40.00


 Individual classes cost $25 and covers handouts and other items we will use in class. If you sign up for all of the classes at one time, the cost will be $125 (you save $25!) I can take payment via:

Paypal: @helenabeana Venmo: @Helena-Domenic Cashapp: $HelenaDomenic


Starting in February, I will be starting a Wicca 101 series which will be followed by a 201 series. I will be sure to keep you informed!


The schedule and class descriptions are below: 


JANUARYSunday, January 7: Tarot I: A Brief History and Intro to the Deck

In this class, we will explore the evolution of the Tarot from a game played by Princes and Noblemen to the egalitarian divination tool it is today. Learn the origin of the images and symbols! We will also learn what makes a Tarot deck a Tarot deck, and how it differs from oracle decks, as well as basic care of your cards!

Sunday, January 14: Tarot II: Symbolism, Color, Numbers

This class will cover the basics – going farther into symbolism and looking at the meanings of color, numbers, and the suits in the deck.

Sunday, January 21: Tarot III: The Minor ArcanaThere are 40 cards of the Minor Arcana (not counting the Court Cards) and they carry the symbols and meanings of our every day experiences in the realms of conflict and intellect, passion and creativity, emotions and relationships, and money and material resources. Learn how these cards are really not all that minor when it comes to reading Tarot.

Sunday, January 28: Tarot IV: The Court CardsThe 16 so-called Court Cards can be confusing if you are uncertain of how to interpret them. Sometimes they represent actual people, and other times they may represent forces currently running through our lives. Learn more about them in this class.  


Friday, February 2: Imbolg Ritual 7PMThis is not a Tarot class but will be a ritual celebrating the Celtic holiday associated with the Goddess Brighid. This is not part of the series but a stand alone event, for which there is a $10 fee.

Sunday, February 4: Tarot V: The Major Arcana

The 22 cards of the Major Arcana point out major events and energies in our lives. They also provide great energy to meditate on and correspond to a great more universal systems. Learn how these cards interact with each other and with the other cards in the deck.

Sunday, February 11: Tarot VI: Tarot Readings and SpreadsThis class pulls together everything we’ve been building on for the past few weeks and shows you many different ways to provide readings, and the many different spreads there are to choose from.That's all!! I hope to see you at the Studio!Bright Blessings,Helena

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